Head Shaping Pillow

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Why you’ll love the Head Shaping Pillow
The Head Shaping Pillow, brought to you by Vkaire, will help maintain your baby’s natural head shape. After birth, their head is particularly soft and prone to deformations. Month after month, it becomes more and more stable and the risk of developing a new head deformations decreases. Unfortunately, deformations that have already occurred harden after 6 months. The pillow helps alleviate existing deformations if the baby starts using the pillow before the 6th month. It is gentle against your baby’s skin yet provides firm support at the same time. Its ring shaped design ensures that the baby maintains the recommended supine position while sleeping. It’s the ideal device for stress-free growth of the baby's head in the initial months of their life.


  • Patented German device made from high-quality, baby-friendly materials
  • Adapts to the baby's head through the size adjustment
  • Ideal to be used ‘on the go’ in a baby seat or stroller, due to its compact size
  • Ergonomic, functional design with a changeable and washable pillowcase
  • Only one size for the entire application period
  • No additional purchases and no replenishment of filling material necessary
  • Recommended by paediatricians, midwives and parents
  • Measurements: Height 15 cm, Length 14 cm

Buy this Head Shaping Pillow to ensure your baby’s head retains its natural shape.

About Vkaire
We are Vkaire, a premium baby care boutique passionate about supporting the development of happy, healthy babies. We love to provide modern Indian parents nothing but the best in baby care: thoughtfully designed products with modern aesthetics. Hence, we at Vkaire are proud to be the exclusive Indian distributor of Kluba Medical’s Head Shaping Pillow, bringing the best German technology for the right growth of your baby.

About Kluba Medical
Kluba Medical is a solution-based baby brand for parents and healthcare professionals working with babies. Their aim is providing parents with solutions that simplify parenting through their sustainable and fully biodegradable line of products. They researched, developed and patented the Head shaping pillow to tackle the issue of plagiocephaly (flat head), arousing the interest of the medical community in Germany and clinically reducing the cases of head deformities in newborn babies.

The specially crafted pillow is perfect for your little one

Protects Against Flat Head Syndrome

Protects Against Flat Head Syndrome

The pillow helps to maintain your baby's natural head shape and alleviate any existing head deformations including Flat Head Syndrome.

Adapts to the Baby’s head

Adapts to the Baby’s Head

The pillow magically adjusts to your baby’s head size and puts them into an ergonomically correct position, keeping their head aligned with the spine

Premium Memory Foam

Premium Memory Foam

The pillow consists of high-quality organic memory foam filling, providing shaping support to the infant’s head

Recommended by paediatricians

Recommended by Paediatricians

The clinically-proven pillow is recommended by paediatricians, physicians and midwives across the world to battle flat head syndrome in babies

What’s Flat Head Syndrome and How Do Babies Develop it?

What’s Flat Head Syndrome and how do babies develop it?

A baby sleeps with their head turned either towards the left or the right during the initial months of their life. It is important to realize that a newborn’s skull is relatively soft and can easily change shape if exposed to constant pressure on one part of their head. This can lead to Flat Head Syndrome. In this condition, a flat spot develops on the back or side of the baby’s head, causing it to look asymmetrical.

How can you identify Flat Head Syndrome?

You can hold your baby’s head in your hands while bathing them and observe the following:
* flattened area on the side or back of the head
* slanted appearance of the head in a certain area
* ears appearing to be misaligned
* bald spots or less hair in a particular area of the head 

How can you identify it?

A Head Shaping Pillow protects your little one against Flat Head Syndrome

It is a patented medical device which provides the support that your baby needs. This pillow protects their head by keeping their neck properly aligned with the spine. It is made from high-quality, skin-friendly materials that are perfect for your baby, ensuring a well-shaped head and deep sleep for your little one.

How to place the Head Shaping Pillow under your baby’s head?


What Parents Say

Being a mother who enjoys the outdoors, the Head Shaping Pillow is perfect as it’s so small and compact. It fits so well in my baby’s stroller and is so comfortable for him. I highly recommend this pillow to every new parent.

- Gauravi Raman

It has worked wonders for my baby boy! I have noticed such a drastic improvement in his head shape; I am so relieved the head shaping pillow worked!

- Gurmeet Singh

I noticed my my baby’s flat head and the immediate suggestion by our family doctor was a Head Shaping Pillow. A few months later, I have seen a dramatic change in the shape of my baby’s head and I am quite happy by how well this worked. To all new mothers out there, I would suggest using this for your child.

- Sunaina Prakash