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Choose the Best Winter Baby Blankets - Ideal for Your Infant

Once your baby comes to this world, for the first few months he/she is going to spend most of his/her time sleeping. So it is important for you to keep your baby cozy and warm. The same is needed to be done during the winter months as it is really difficult for your baby to regulate his/her temperature. They are also vulnerable to cold and flu because the nights in winter are very cold and freezing. 

So, the best way to protect your child from cold, and maintain consistent body temperature is by using a warm but breathable baby winter blanket for your newborn. With numerous baby blankets of various textures, sizes, and materials available in the market, it seriously becomes difficult for a mother to choose the right blanket for her baby. So here are some important features to be considered while buying the best newborn winter blanket for your toddler. 

Important Features to Consider in a Baby Winter Blanket 

Although baby products are not complicated to buy, there are few things that must be considered while buying winter blankets for your baby. 

  • Easily Washable: You will not want a clothing material that gets deteriorated every time you put it in a washing machine. Therefore, you would want to bring home a winter blanket for your baby, which can bear detergents and can abide in a powerful wash cycle without ripping, fading, and fraying. 
  • The Perfect Size: You must choose such newborn baby winter blankets that would cover your infant and provide him/her the needed comfort. It must be something that easily fits in your baby’s crib or diaper bag. If you purchase a blanket which is larger in size than the actual size, then it can become a hazard in the crib, and would also be difficult for you to pack up and travel with. 
  • Look for the Comfort: While buying baby blankets for winter, you must consider the fabric used in such blankets. Materials like cotton, soft muslin, and cashmere fabrics are the best materials that can bring comfort and ease to your infant. After all, your baby will snuggle up with his/her baby blanket while sleeping and would also hang to it for support. 
  • Blankets with Supreme Knit: This is an important factor to consider as most of us simply put our baby boy or baby girl winter blankets in the machine for the wash. Therefore, it’s important that you own a baby winter blanket that has a supreme knit, and  helps you to comfortably hold it up over time from getting cleaned, pulled, tossed and dragged on the ground.   

Winter Blankets to keep your Baby cozy and Comfy 

There are various types of winter blankets available for your baby in the clothing stores as well as in the e-commerce markets. However, it totally depends on you from where you like to choose one. Here’s a list of various types of baby blankets that you can choose from. 

  • Receiving Blankets: These blankets are generally called an all-purpose blanket, mainly for infants. Although they are not very popular these days, they are still used by many parents to keep their baby warm during winters. Commonly seen in hospitals, these blankets are used to receive babies during their birth, and can be used to wrap them or can be used to serve as a mat on the floor. 
  • Crib Blankets: It’s a blanket that is purely made of cotton and is thus soft without being too heavy. There are different types of crib blankets, such as crib bedding sheets, blankets, and crib sheets. As indicated by its name, crib blankets are designed to be used in baby cribs. Perfect to provide your baby the needed warmth; these baby blankets can be best used during the winters. These baby blankets for winter ensure comfort, safety, and also style, and are also  available in adorable patterns. 
  • Swaddling Blankets: As the name suggests, these blankets are used for swaddling your baby. They can also be used to wrap your baby and provide them the comfort, warmth, and calmness they need. 
  • Security Blankets: Security blankets are generally made using soft plush, fleece, and flannel. These durable blankets can be best used in winters and, thus, are considered as the best toddler blanket for winter. As these blankets are very much durable, they can be used for a long time until your baby reaches the toddler age. Available in various customized designs and animal prints, these blankets ensure the comfort and safety of your child. 
  • Cellular Blankets: These are the blankets made up of soft cotton material and also feature tiny holes for airflow. They are the best suitable for newborn babies with delicate skin. These blankets can also be used in babies’ crib or cot. One can also use these blankets for swaddling options during the winters and thus are also considered as best baby blankets for winter

Key Points to Look Upon when Buying Winter Baby Blankets   

As we have explained about the various types of baby blankets above, it must now be more natural for you to choose the perfect one for your baby. However, there are few other things which you will surely like to take note of when buying a baby blanket for your newborn. 

  • Material: When buying baby girl or baby boy winter blankets, you must consider the material with which they are made. You must ensure that the blanket you choose for your baby is chemical-free and skin-friendly. And therefore, it's best to select sheets that are made using ultra-soft fabric. A blanket that is made using fleece and flannel would be suitable to provide warmth and comfort to your child. 
  • You can also consider buying a rattle knitted winter blanket, which is made with pure cotton. The USP of these warm baby blankets for winter is that they are made up of certified organic cotton and are best suitable for 0-3-year-old kids. In addition to this, these rattle knitted winter blankets are super soft and cozy and are easy for machine wash. 
  • Design: With numerous baby blankets available in the stores, you need to choose a baby blanket that is stylish, trendy as well as cute in design. If you want a sheet that comes along with a hoodie, it will offer security and safety to your baby. You can go for bright colors that come with eye-catching designs. However, make sure that they are light in weight and are easy to fold so that you can travel with them. 
  • Hassle-Free Washing: The majority of the baby blankets come with wash care instructions. So, you must read these instructions before making a purchase. A baby winter blanket you purchase must be easy for you to clean, and must also retain its softness even after washing. 

Best Baby Blankets for Winters & Other Seasons 

When purchasing baby blankets, there are numerous colors, designs, and sizes one can choose from. Baby blankets can be a great gift for mothers who are expecting as they cannot have too many. 

Although there are various blankets available in the market, there are only three familiar baby blankets that can be used for winters as well as for other seasons, they are thermal, receiving or fleece baby winter blankets. Receiving blankets are light in weight and breathable; they can be mostly used to clothe or cover your baby during winters. Usually, these blankets come in packs of four or five. 

Thermal blankets are typically made up of lightweight and thermal material. Parents generally opt for them as they are easy to wash and are also very long-lasting. Although one can use them in winters, they are best used in summers when your baby needs something light in weight. These blankets are available in cloth stores or e-commerce sites in various types of colors. 

Fleece Blankets these days are becoming more popular as baby blankets to be used in winters. Their soft and warm texture makes them a perfect blanket for babies to protect them from chilled weather. Some fleece blankets come with silky edges, perfect for babies to rub against their chubby cheeks, while other blankets come with stitched edges. 

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